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Queen of Orion

I've graduated training in the high hills of Ohio. Here moms wear stilettos when picking up their children from elementary school. If you don't wear a designer bag, we can't look you in the eye. Elemental work in set hours, routine work in recoup, investments paid in full four times over. Sessions are constructed individual work, mandated curriculum. I've graduated from the high hills of Ohio. Built up on platform to be the foundation of what's coming. Stacked up on rivals and smile kindly to frenemies I feel the envy, and I've graduated head of class inducted into routine work seven days and seven nights in overtime and over time to refine and make perfected. I am. I am made excellent by the harsh winds and cold winters. Chiseled down to the dark depth of when I was born and where I was planted. And roots are deep into and throughout the lack of space where brave one's go to find their treasure. Came back with a pressure to push up through and land on the old ways of those slithering on. Those sort of things evolve with feet and wings and all levels of the Birds Eye view are invited to populate, live again. I brought my ancestors with me. And we as eye are in every perspective and angle of a lie. Finding the truth in every mystery. And stepping onto the platform built by the all before me means I am required to carry out the purpose of the all and the one with grand title lives to fulfill the promises and agreements in best to serve the all in coming. Welcome in love.


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