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Perspective: A Message To A Twin Flame Or Whatever That Thing Is Called

Gifted women want to say to their interests the following. Why you think of me so often and reach out to me none. You should know I can feel when your mind is on me, wanting to be closer than we are. I can pick up on your calls home. And wishes sent traveled through the waves. And while it's great to be admired and I can cash in on the attention, I prefer to pull you in and feel you really. Nevermind I'm writing this in a blog or a book, a letter to you specific. It's because passive income is steady and wealth is heavy. Treasures are made in the meeting of those made for each other. And I can sense something coming. I can hear your quiet need for relief. And you want something safe to lay down your load. So tense your shoulders. And your pretense is kind of false. Pleading that I do not peek further into to pull out tucked under the cool demeanor. You want so much to be seen by me and act so hard to be fine as someone different. And it freaks you out that I can tell you this in two seconds of convo and write it like I studied for. I read well love. Sight is straight through. Risk of baring true to run off a someone not ready to face it. But transparency is what fire does to the heir. And if you're brave in showing me who I already know you are, how grand your future is in matching your flame.

Your request for acceptance is pending further confirmation. Come see.


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