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The Introduction

Hey love! Welcome. 

While the mess of words and images line up to please, hoping you feel the love and light in what draws intrigue.

Thanks for coming to see!

Hint: Most misspellings are intentional....

Also it is only meant to be made clear for those who it is intended for. 

"Give God something to bless everyday."

- Patrice C. Washington

I'm a writer from Lansing, Michigan.

A perfectionist, a people pleaser, a creative, and a poet.

Gathering insight through the scope of behavioral psychology, interpersonal communication, and spiritual theory.

My style is often abstract yet the writing proves to bring clarity. 


Hi! I'm Haylee (May), a mother, a psychology student, planter.

I value spiritual growth,

and clarity in mental processes and behavior.

I love philosophy, poetry,

art in many forms.

I value a giving lifestyle

and kindness in all forms.

I just want to help people reach their vision of perfection to then meet the higher standards and greater potential of us all

as a whole.

Thanks for visiting

the site! Hope to meet soon

(smiley face, hugs, sending love). 


The Writer


Introspective, and leading into the unseen.

Steps onto grander vision and broader perspective. Abstract can bring clarity!


Studies and writing

in regards to the

mind as it relates to communication, behavior, spirit,

and mindset. 


Playbook Program is an exclusive 6 month formative that incorporates 

the seven roles

(personality archetypes) to manage the spirit,

the personality,

and behaviors of self

and those revolving

in social circles.

Manuals and coaching

is included.  


Character Challenge is an annual one week intensive to ensure our place as main characters of our lives. Redirecting focus and control on the things are actually assigned

to us (smily face).

Every year in December,

to prep for the new year. 

The Initiate Poems

Paperback and eBook now available on Amazon!


The Graduate Poems

Paperback and eBook now available on Amazon!

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