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Queen of Hearts - Pole Shift

Come to my garden love. Heaven is a plane and the era has finally landed. Come to my, come to my garden lovely. Be renewed. Seeds are planted from extraction of their maker. Yes it is called cloning darling. But roots are real and firm ones get you landed in the safe place you'll call home. Mother is here drinking in the rushed parts and fueling abundance into everything that is your body and what you aspire to consume. And there is making space for father to shine on, rain in. And this is the making of a thing that loves for ever and on. And heaven is a place where dreams are made of. Come to my, come to my garden lovely. Queens handle pollinations exceptional. And Kings are insured to be rich in their ways. Heaven is a place called home for angels and those who fall from, make their way back home always. Come come, be renewed. Hearts are a home that stretches its honey to the roots of the extending nerves and branch's of the crown. And nectar is magnified by the light brought into the blessed being. Beloved bees are the versions of self to further the reach of the space made holy and the farther throughout into a place longing for a feeling. Think your way to a treasure and find you wealth in the natural feeling. Come to the garden lovely. And lay down the top for a while.

Kali is back bitches.

Back with you bitches.


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