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Perspective: Yea, Ok

I gave you a gift and you told me it was too expensive. So much so that you can’t say it’s yours, and you can’t say you like it because it pisses off your neighbors, it triggers your gathering of self worth. Awe you’re scared aren’t you? Quick judgement only bounces back, find yourself misunderstood in all of the ways you ran away from seeing things clearly. You’re really good with deflecting but not as good as this all consuming in flat form, it’s ok, you can look. Don’t be scared.

I gave you a gift and you did not say thank you. Most times you do not. But sure do use the thing. Performative gratitude in appearing to care for and offer in transaction appears of swindling in that who you do business with is faceless to you who ask to follow has no followers to extend onto and you find yourself in slump of why the reach has not yet gone farther. You do not befriend them. Say thank you to the one directly love. Not pin it as a poster and brag on its use. You say thank you. And actually listen sometime, so used to being a sun you forgot you live to shine on others. These rays are not filters nor shade, each one in room to strengthen and pull from onto a world that actually matters, and acknowledgement is your fucking job. You built the business plan and scoffed at the expectation to do as you described as required in this game that you’ve made for yourself. If community feels like a strategy, chances are it’s making it’s way to ruin. Hey there.


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