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Perspective: Wave High On Mine

Hello. Hey love. Hi.

Halo. Heaven. High.

Wave on to bring you high.

Catch on to the kite that makes you ready to meet the light.

It’s nice, it’s bright.

Can you see the ring of right?

Keep it bright, guard your night.

Unmask the knight, right at midnight, to be sure to see it’s you in every… shhh.

Hello. Hey love. Hi.

Halo. Heaven. High.

It’s you up there and down where, a smile is a frown and a crown is required.

And in between the high and the low, there’s a bunch of gray in between, to muster up the more and condense it to pour into and out through the sunrise and sunset to give out or take in to the sound waves of frequency on a tempo that is either or.

Wave high to me on my way to be more of, make more of, seek more for, you and me.


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