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Perspective: Two Seconds On Love Shit

Pay You For Love

I’m craving attention again lovely. Pen me in your book and let’s make the script tonight. And tomorrow is scheduled for another creators session. I need your attention darling. You’re so confident in the wrong method. You miss out on love and you end up shriveled like all the others sacrificing their way of life for something other than self. You need you better because the world does. Pay you for love, cause I’m more than evermore, too much to price.

Too Important for Love

Fuck you biiiiiiiiitch. Miiiiiiiitch. I'll cut you off then. Act like you’re too important to meet the standard of what it takes to be love worthy. To actually give attention and honor to another outside of yourself. I'll cut you off then. I’m more important as I offer love ever on. I’ve learned its worth and I marry this kind of magic. So fuck you biiiiiiiiiitch. Be less than then.

Love Readings on Pause

I think, let me rewind that shit. He said wahhhhhhhhhhhh, so like the one before is the um the uh other one on the way but not really cause life and stuff and so be ready but manifest and end the old but expect the unexpected? Ok thanks.


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