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Perspective: The Title

The title of God is shared. And when I graduate, I'll be inducted into the collective that is ranked high. And meet the ones always with and often before. My name is a title, one that branches its parts to the root words, linking to times and places where I was conceived, particles made to be together. The title God is shared as the all thereof is each other reflected and incepted into the materials within the very ignition of a matter and lack thereof. Roots pulled further into and branches stretched farther out towards, great posture is required when halos are placed onto. And there were times minions tried to hang a sacrifice on the limbs of my God. And offer in exchange a play like there was a prize for their inferior. Lost their sight in the dark due to times of blindness from over exposure of a thing that should be kept sacred. Janus has eyes to the front of her and eyes to the back of her and looking on and over ensures that not a thing is missed in reporting to the all what is reward and what is thievery. She sees you love. It's almost spring time. It is harvest season.


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