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Perspective: The Stranger and Their Wonders

I remember the stranger's faces.

You were there.

In them, outside of them.

When you're there, it's bright.

When you're near,

they, as shadow

just in contrast showing your greatness.

I remember the stranger.

You were there.

In them and out of them,

approaching me, surrounding me.

Seeking me in the absence of and the invitations to.

You were there, filling me and voiding me and strengthening me in showing me my fragile part.

I remember you there,

while you're with me everyday,

You reminded me as a stranger.

Every visit and reintroduction,

Every glance, every smile, every shake, and every hug.

When you sat next to me, and I left in a hurry.

The vacant stare frightened my center.

I'm sorry.

When you greeted me at the entrance,

I felt your wonder in those eyes as you said,

You have a wonderful smile, you need to keep smiling for us.

I knew you then.

You know me well.

And when your next visit tapped me in as though the activation was overdue,

Sending in the tunes and the rhythm and the waves so quickly and so...

...You are in every amazing wonder.

You are in what had frightened me so



and also

what feels like home.

The scale of what is bright and what fades offers the insight of what is always consistent.

Whether it is there or on it's way.

You are the wonder in each stranger, and the wilderness that brings order in the unsaid and faint to hear.

My spark and beat and tune of what's smaller than a second and greater than any hour.

In every our.

My friend in every stranger, just in it's waking moment when it is revealed and constant your rise within.

I love you my friend, and my maker, my savior, the stranger.

Thank you for your visits, revealing every entrance.

Forgive me for the times I ran away, built a wall, wore a veil.

Hi and welcome and always my friend.


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