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Perspective: The Star and It's Shadow

Ok, I get it, you don't like me. Goodness, you don't have to show it every time you speak, or tell it every time you seek, truth, is I don't think I like you either. I really really really really really really really really really tried. [Gasp. of. air.] It hearts too much to try anymore.

The part of self that we plan to end in order to reach a place of love. What do you do to get there, how much do you love yourself. What makes you worth that love? The part of self that we want to disguise in order to fool others. Where do you go to get that, how much do you loath yourself. Are you worth that attention?

The thing you find, for a Gemini; that the extent that you love self, reflects itself how much you loath others. And you really really really tried to love them, and found the difference between honest and liars, we need more of self here we say. And so become an influencer of sorts, using neuro linguistic programing, in lyric, in scripts and such and wow look at the city now! Bam.

But it's fine, I think it's normal for the other half of self to loath the other side. Meet me in the mid light time where you can cover up and I shine on. And when it's midnight, move *itch it's my turn to be, who's, time is it anyway? I think my time keeper is working with the other side of itself all. of. the. time. And they do just fine being opposite and together.

Now that I'm not afraid of your potential to damage or derange, I look forward to pulling you near, you're welcome.


Oh you know what, the thing with many limbs... it eats to keep going, and what I mean to say is seven ate nine, and what I want you to know is It's almost 10. Those without, must go in.

Is that why I made you scared of me? You'll love me, you'll see.

Don't mind it, only bites if you're a *ing *ck prick of an unworthy *itch who failed their job as a mother in barely raising you. Don't worry, we only stick our tongue out if it's time to save the world, and give the person covering their neck the chance to make it right in their next life. Otherwise, we grant you wishes. You like me you see.


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