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Perspective: The Savings of The (Green) PacMan Part 1


What is the purpose of savings?

(Green) PacMan + became ashamed = (Red) PacMan

But the (Red) PacMan can't be.

When all around the beautiful maze (garden)

The others are (Green) PacMen.

The PacMan feels misplaced.

So, the PacMan finds a (Green) PacDo.

Releases the PacDo spirit.

Up in the offering to the One that watches him.

The spirit of (Green).

Freshening and lifting of life.

Pleasing to the One.

Then, the Pac is cleared.

For the spirit of the (Green) PacDo may influence

The once (Red) PacMan where it could reside within.

Helping the PacMan to feel (Green), think (Green), live (Green).

And so the "sacrifice".

The savings.

A practice of remembering innocence.

(Green) = innocence

(Red) = the opposite of innocence love


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