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Perspective: The Reflection of History

Mystery has a feminine connotation.

In contrast to History

It holds optimism, secrecy maybe, the unseen.

Those that know are mystics

Those who wonder, considered lost.

But contrary, to be lost is not

Just not saved, but hidden.

It happens in the dark of night

The daughter of the One

Shines to those who seek to learn the light.


It’s what happens in the mind of those who create the script.


Is that which has already been written

Already been rehearsed and performed.

That which hosts the creation.

Those of the day

She has only granted knowledge at certain degrees

In which to know the origin.

Who knew that over the seas of surface

The reflection of the Son

Permeates all that is above and penetrates that which is below and within.

It is rebirth and regeneration to be alive and to be born again

In every degree of that which we exist.

The child of the mother

The child of the father.

They are to become as their source.

In every story, by every name I plea that you recognize it’s pattern.

You are what guides you, but in full perspective and acknowledgement.

In realizing all that is you

You become what is fully developed.

Live in your day and love in your night.

Both experiences are to be

In order to complete each existence in full.

Create your dream, and perform to each beat, each note.

And when it becomes your turn to be a mother or a father

Play your role.

And guide that which becomes you.


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