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Perspective: The Parent Unfinished

I think creating is for people who have already accomplished.

It’s easier that way.

It is a procrastination and an insurance to have those after you to finish what you have not.

And they have to learn more of what you are already working on in their own time.

It’s messier that way.

But isn’t it grand to learn along with and become along side the ones who go on past yourself?

They’re stronger that way. Wiser that way.

To see all that you went through to be better and already be that way, not just because you made it easier for them, but because they made it is easier with you. Did the work with you, and so they are like you, and much greater and life is much longer and much more amazing and rewarding. And so what you had part in creating is a compliment and confidence in all that you loved to do, carries on to create better. Thank you my children.


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