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Perspective: The Humiliation Ritual

Your partner is actually a jerk. No I will not be visiting for dinner, sorry. Your partner was actually a jerk, sorry. Past tense right? One time I heard this “patriarchy thrives on abuse, the world thrives on abuse” is it triggering or what? To be envied and covered up, hushed and rumored by the people labeled partner or best friend, savior or protection leaves me with what? Other than building up walls of my own bricks with my own hands, on the days when I’m out of cycle that is, was crying in pain, warming my belly hoping to end the self inflicted trials and training. Your partner was useful in setting standard for the slave race, in appearing strong, but being weak inside. Saying things, and pretending to be true. It’s productive to make someone think they are better than you and treat you as such. Sure is self inflicted trials and training.


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