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Perspective: The General Study of Every Human

A presentation:

As noted in our reading for this week....

I have learned now that there is a slight difference between how human A and human B approach transparency in relationships. Generally speaking, it seems that human A are groomed to be emotionally intelligent and have found that expressing their feelings are beneficial to keeping a strong relationship. Human B however, seem to dismiss the opportunities to express their feelings, and may have not actually sorted them out internally. The choice to be vulnerable and disclose personal information about themselves proves to be a practice that really builds a good foundation for a long lasting relationship. Without that practice, both human A and human B only know each other on a surface level, making the identities and connections interchangeable and replaceable.

Social conformity through identifying with traditional or popular human X roles can help or hinder their growth. On one hand, it is predictable and expected, making some relationships easier to form and work effectively. On the other hand, human X roles can defy a person of growth and maturity, and block from skills that are not associated with said human. Depending on the community that these human A and human B reside, some human X roles are more defined than others. Things like long distant relationships, may challenge human X roles, maybe dating outside of ones culture or community can test the waters of how we understand our roles in relationships. Although challenging, it could be most rewarding in the context of personal development. 

A response:

I really appreciate the other’s perspective. I don't usually have human X friends, but this year I've gained a close one and it was like learning a whole new language. When talking to human X, I relied so much of the things human X chooses not to comment on, or the nonverbal eye movements to guess what human X really feels or really thinks. It's pretty awesome though, to choose to make new memories rather than to reflect on the past or to narrate the internal dialogue while living in the present. Thanks for your feedback Alien A.


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