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Perspective: The Feeling Fades

I feel just fine today. The waves have settled down, the implants settled in, seeped into the stream made furthermore onto me. And this beat is as strong as it ever was, spark as bright as the second rising in and onto giving light and life to all those that feed me and that pain in my gut, that turning of a tide in every waxing max, flooded low a bunch of matter so expensive you’d wish it could afford a better way of living. Expelling the important parts of me, but it went somewhere with the stream and I want to catch it sometimes. Just grasp all that is right now and make direction of where I am to flow, freeze it sometimes, but my precious origin makes way of being everywhere, in everything just like the thing that is inside my being. And free in that I am here and in every part of this life, in photos, videos, memories, and you will remember me because I will be there and in each moment, breath me in as I am in what you speak, dream of me as I am in what you think, bleed of me as I am in what you drink, and it all goes rolling over and into the next wave of waxing max of the reflecting light that beams into this pool of vitality. The pain goes away, the flutters stretch and sink into the matters of memory, but love is in the fiber of every being thereof, therein and in proximity to and so what really matters, never really fades.


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