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Perspective: The Deal

What is it safe?

This thing that is requested to be of service to your favor.


Because of the story that you heard.

Is it safe?

I don’t mean to offend. It’s just so important to me. It’s me. My essence, my light, my core.

It’s everything that matters. I love the comfort, the ‘protection’, the reassurance that it brings. The feeling of company.

Those things bargained in return for me.

Why? Who? How? For how long?

What answers are you willing to give, what reasons to explain.

Isn’t it worth explaining?

I was born bright, in all facets.

It is right for me to know the truth, feel what’s true.

If I don’t feel it from you please don’t be offended.

This is mine.

Without an explanation I will keep what is mine.

With or without your explanation I will learn what is true.

There is great comfort and protection in complacency and ignorance.

But I have a responsibility to use my mind.

Its original state.

I have the responsibility to reason before making any decision.


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