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Perspective: The Arrows

All arrows point this way.

But your beautiful stubborn mind asks...

Why not the other way?

Who put those signs there?

Why does it matter which way I choose?

Is this a suggestion or a command?

How about I walk a few miles both ways to know more?

Why do I have to choose?

If the signs are right there, how is it even my honest choice?

All the flipping arrows point this way my love.

The very fact that you don’t know what is on either side is the point of why you being guided is good. It is just that you follow the path that is laid, suggested or otherwise because you don’t yet know your own faculties of getting there.

Yes I am there to point the arrow and to advertise the options.

And yes you have the power gifted to you by who, to choose.

But who are you anyway?

And who are you from?

And why are you right here?

And where are you supposed to be going?

Look up.

The arrows point this way.


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