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Perspective: Thank You Ty Dolla $

Sway left. Nod 1, 2. Sway right. Nod 1, 2.

Slight grin peak through the corner of my lip.

Right side, Nod 1, 2. Sway left. Nod 1, 2.

Cheeks push my eyes slim, as teeth breakthrough.

My lips.

Stretching left to right as a laugh pushes through.

Sway left. Nod 1, 2. Sway right. Nod 1, 2.

The wave moves my spirit up and sways left.

Sways right up into a place where I just don't care.

Not how I look, not how I sound, and not if it's alright.

Because the way it flows out is just perfect.

And to me, moving from left to right.

There to here and back is the process of perfection.

And I'm safe always in knowing that I'm both.

This and that.

So the translation is instant and native.

And the relation is clearly reflective.

And I love seeing me this way and seeing you so.


So I love you, and mean it.


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