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Perspective: Spring is Here. Summer is Coming.

Spring is here.

Summer is coming.

The cells of so many open up this time around.

Accepting the light that consistently surrounds.

The one that explodes from its core, the everlasting.

Traveling so long and far to inspire what has been nesting.

Here, the songs of the birds when they celebrate.

The risen one that, all gathering to commemorate.

Spring is here.

Summer is coming.

And what lives in the air, reflects those fluttering.

Transferring the word and the hope and the piece of reckoning,

That what took a season to miss, is here and evermore rising.

In showing us the way, and filling up what’s offered,

Then furthering this miracle of living on and after.

Oh this fresh light and the life that it creates from the left alone and in the cold.

Spring is here.

Summer is coming.

What an amazing you,



Everything I am made from and what I survive from. Everything I long for and miss in times of falling and shivering.

Everything that inspires the love and the light of within and without

In my neighbor and my friend and the one’s I’ve not yet met.


And we are all here because you are always.

Spring is here.

Summer is coming.


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