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Perspective: Snap Shot

I meant


I said


I said it

When was the last time you said something true.

I meant


I said

You face up that wack,

front in the mirror with a cover up,

on the part of you that's meant to see,

the very art that's meant to leave

us in awe of what is made up,

but made real.

I said it.


Make up the past like it can be swiped up and turned out, from the inside of a camera, edited and filtered through the rose colored sunshine in the night, kind of tinted glasses.

Like you need glasses!

I meant


I said

You flip up and flip next to


from sad

from lonely,

get mad

at what was made up darling.

You set up

and tear down

in one second of a conversation,

turning page from hurt one

to help one from

birth of a nation.


I said

that you said

you been led

to the water

and looked closely,

to find what you desire.

But don't fall in,

no one's mad.

You like who you are wonderfully made to be.

If changing the story,

makes you better,

let us all believe.

You meant

what you said

when you said it.


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