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Perspective: Sight Along With Mine

It’s safer to love you, it’s better that way. Your living in heart, you’re alive in my mind. You thrive off my beat and there’s exchange in between the offer and taken from but inside of the very core of the atoms that make me up and so you are now apart of me. It’s better to love you because I am to become you and you are always with me. Please don’t hurt me, but if it were to make me stronger than, am I to become closer to what makes you great. So mighty this tiny part of what is within every other part of my love which misses you when you skip a part. I love you because it is safer this way. I want to love myself in every phase of this process to be growing and aging and laying low to rise up again. And you are my friend, my enemy, my guide and what loses a way at times. I have to love with you and you have made your way to live within me, so welcome and hey, hope to get to know you someday.


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