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Perspective: Romance, Religion and Addiction

It feels so nice to walk into my home and it’s so neat, so bright, so clean.

Love, the things you tell are so enchanting, so inspiring. Thank you for offering up this course and being of intake and I am mirroring what you portray because you are within my being as though I was never any other way, but a someone that consumes that which I am made of and offered more of what you are. You’ve been with me through nights and days of so many times within so many…

Lives are made of this and therefore an addiction of substance and privilege. To begin again and remember little then take a lifetime to remember and choose you each time. The feeling of your love could make a person blind and dull, dumb at times, and yet it is all so safe, all so freeing and so I appreciate what you bring. It’s nice to see you again.


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