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Perspective: Romance De La Fatale

When you ran away, it was a good thing.

Sparingly shared this spark that was between.

Mainly me

By extension of the all.

You were missing something.

It was a good thing you ran.

Towards the light that warmed your hands, your heart

You needed the hand, by extension of the all.

By extension, the all finds you in where you run from

And where you run to.

It was a good thing you ran.

Because it shows that you know that you need something.

That you were apprehensive of doing what thieves tend to, try to, do.

Saving yourself by showing your hand as one who does good.

It was a good thing you did.

To spare the other what was not meant for you from here,

But from over there.

There, where you have to seek and find, callout sometimes and let it shine.

Dropping in on when you need it most and showing its path to mend hand, heart, both.

As that which flies feels its pull to the light, you pulled in close to better your sight.

Healing your hand, heart, both.

And when you loosened your grip, balled in tightly to yourself.

Closing off tensions of either direction.

You heard the calling from within, to start it over, make it spin.

The core that bursts and fires and flames,

Your pull to me by extension, was to foretell your wake.

For you to figure your way of lighting from within.


Romance as a practice, to ignite what is yours.

Belief that you have your own, no use to take.

Love it is goodbye, and high onto what creates life.

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