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Perspective: Pull Up and Reach In

My soul is hungry. I need living things, fruits and vegetables. I’m not joking.

I say this bluntly, so that you are sure of what I mean to say this time. My spirit wants to live out, I need living days and nights. It is not the same thing, to consume and to be consumed. I’m not sure why I need to do both and be both, except that we all seem to be this way. I guess it’s fair that way. So I accept when the one who sends me the spirit advises my way of living, and that one who has gifted me the soul goes on to advise in what I consume. It’s all worked out, well-being advised. Being pulled and pushed to reach for better is a kind of pressure that I am thankful to have attained. And the light that pulls my spirit high feels like an adoration for the thing that pulls me to the core for meeting with what is born from darkness. It is in the same life and death, to consume and to be consumed.


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