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Perspective: Playing With Air

I want to be known for being Me. Sometimes I pause on the keyboard, because I feel the need to be careful with what I say. I am responsible for the lives of others, I am responsible for my actions and words and I have to answer for my quests, that lead others to wonder sometimes. Sometimes, I play with air in other forms, yelling in a pleasant wave of light in rooms of tunes and already written lyrics from those further along in their journey, studying the facets of the mind in therapies and experiments and images of magnetic ingestion. I like to think I'm smart because I want to make up for the times that I seemed stupid, I want to sound sweet to make up for the times that I felt my mother's pain, I want to imagine me in the future so I remember what I'm doing now, and why. I want to be known for being me, in the future I want to maintain youth, in the present I want to become wiser and lived longer and better with experience, and in the past I wanted to start over and over and over. Now I want to stay, and live it out to press play on my life at 30 and say, this is when I started. This is when I was born, already named and ready for fame, this is when I'm ready for life, and long live I am, long live my memory and tellings of the future, here I am pulling into myself, eager to meet me and be well known for putting in the work to know how to play with the air, in it's many forms, and learning how to play with fire. Playing the water, and dancing on my land. I'm ready and I love to know that it is safe to choose to play in this game and gain all of my pieces and bring myself to whole. Thank you brother for your stories and your guidance, thank you mother for your taking to make new, thank you father for your giving to be made within, and I am listening to the whisper in the wind, telling me the ways to fly, to float, to fall...


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