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Perspective: Passive and Aggressive, Passive or Aggressive, Same Difference

The glance of indifference.

That’s what that look is if you were wondering.

The one with a plastered smile with the mouth, but not in the eyes.

The one with eyes that are unamused. Contact with the other is quick.

So quick that you don’t know if she even really saw you.

But it’s seen you know.

She sees you in your sarcasm and frustration, judgement and dislike.

And it’s safer to look past you than to be recognized as to have then comprehend that you detest her.

Because the way that you communicate is not the same as others.

Some confront, some dismiss, some gossip. they may often just choose one. And you, pray for, but talk about,

initiate conversation but talk over,

interrupt and assess and assume then that you know of her and how she is and who she’s like, similar to those others that you just can’t really connect with.

So she’s passive, and fleeting and you prefer her that way.

Cause then that way, you are allowed to guess at why she is the way that you don’t understand, and allowed to be frustrated because you are just such a kind and honest and inviting person, and so if she’s just not those things to you, then well we’ll pray her maybe.

The glance of indifference is where it’s seems hard to connect, hard to read, so polite, but so rude.

So cold, and so fake and so confusing and disapproving.


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