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Perspective: On A Scale

On a scale of lost to found, where are you? 1 to 10.

On a scale of light to dark, where are you?

In even the darkest shadow, don’t you feel light coming?

The one that rises again.

On a scale. Where are you?

From homeland to overseas and back again,

What’s giving life is always revolving.

And on the scale of noon to midnight, we watch the dial track source and it’s shining.

Good morning, to the laid down and remembered, and the ones we miss.

Good night to the brave and the tired.

On a scale of one to ten, are you born or old?

The one, leaving the latter, making a day always and a life revolving.

All that has become, comes back again.

All that has lived once, lives again.

On a scale. Where are you?


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