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Perspective: Oh Hey!

Yea I remember you of course. Remember when you weren't actually **cking there. No it's ok, I'm not really expecting you to be honest about it. But you weren't though. It's oh hey! You good? good. Oh hey! you ok? (turn around make the gag me face, turn back around smile). Yea I remember you, I thought you were my family and friend. And I learned how much I don't need those things when you stood there and not present smiling blankly as I kneeled in dispair prying at the sheets folding within the still wind begging for a carry up or something like a breath of fresh air. You stood there empty and walked away with your busy and your envy of my required strength. No I don't know you, I remember you though. Of course you can leave, and pretend like you don't understand what you ever did to me. And pretend like we are still friends still family. I'm totally fine, thank you (smiley face).


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