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Perspective: Make Hard Look Good

Does everyone think that their hardships are harder? Is pain ever objective? When I say I’m fine but kind of feel like something in me is drowning and I'm pushing up the weight of some form of great matter above my head to ensure at least these ones stay afloat. I’m fine, and I’m building strength when I want to do more to further my journey so my youth have greater to travel, and I’m fine when my recents pull me under into the dark and share my orders for when I’m living. And rest is hit or miss, thinking of what is needed and nodding in times required. And hoping my heart pulls through for me, when there were tugs from those who tried to break it, gave a false offer and hoped I would depend, deep end. Is hard subjective really? Cause when I love through this, my children do too. And when they’re older, they are much wiser because their life is longer for the extended journey completed by me and my recents completed by them. My life is not just my own and neither is anyone’s who gives a shit about who they are from and who they need to live for.


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