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Perspective: Let It Be Rain and Sunshine

It’s from the skies

The gift granted, falling upon me.

It’s the thing that's inside the spark that starts life.

My life.

It’s from the skies.

I’m a tree. That’s what I think of me.

And I catch the rain drops on my top.

Pulling in the the sparks that start life by the root.

It's from the skies.

The gift granted, falling upon me.

And I realize every time the sunshines on,

And the rain drips down,

That I need you to be, and to live.

I can be

Empty, until you fill in again.

And so,

I am from the skies.

And only want to be what you are.

That has made me,

The thing that’s inside a spark that starts life.

And all I want is to be

What can hold onto, and mold into, and fill up on



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