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Perspective: Laouah


My mother sings to me.

Filled with spirit, Father streams in the light and the love that is encompassed within the space of her.

Mother sings to me.

Sending in the love and the light, the spirit that is what fills me.

And in that I learn the way to be, and to become.

To sing.

To be washed and flooded and cleansed.

Away from what no longer matters,

But now more like what is above and those who dwell there.

To be lifted up in offering and settled here in this time where I live to give thanks and sing to flow spirit.

My mother sings to me.

And teaches me the way.

And in that knowing, I am led and swayed and brought to the light.

That which I become is all I’ve ever been born to be.

And the time in between, was the wave in remembering just that.


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