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Perspective: Is It Really Yours?

If you had to buy it? Land of the.. we are made up of what is natural but fostered and brought forth into a land of property. Bet on the fact that I’m 70% mother and 30% percent I don’t know him and so he is my teacher, my sergeant, my banker and lender. Thank you for teaching me the ways of becoming a master, being the side of the other end and fighting hard to meet up with you again. Call me back sometime will you? How much is owed to what is inherently… land of the property is an edge on the mountain of the fathers and the farthest end of the corners of the Earth sometimes. We’ll meet there sometime will we? We are made up certain amounts of treasure, not really sure how much til we make it, not really sure where from til we get there. And eat all the expense to reach a real prize, mapping out the way to finally have it all…right thinking up ways to help other people buy for you what you want for who? And when you buy it, who from and why for? And if you have to buy it, is it really yours?


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