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Perspective: Growing Older

What is an adult?

In the processing of growing older,

We first being served innately by what was our own or what was the spark of us, and our connection to that which has created us.

We then turn toward things that have lived before us to endure, to sustain, to mature.

The teachings and the feedings and the nutrition of ones older or ones leaving.

The ones leaving, are they dead?

When what is consumed is the shell of their spark that kept them connected to life.

Is this an adult?

It gets daring...

Please love me anyway?

If so then maybe the title of adultery makes more sense.

To be nurtured or groomed by something that is not called to be their own.

But the practice and the habit of such

Is it groomed?

When reach and crying and paying for things has been innate and encouraged.

When you’re hungry.

Ask for help.

When you’re sad.

Ask for help.

When you’re happy.

Ask for help.

When your scared.

Ask for help.

To know the difference between what is your help for you specifically and who and what is not

Is in being familiar with the spark within.

The spark that is the life and the one that feeds us, nurtures us, keeps us alert.

The spark within shall be the guide, and pointing to the direction that is meant for you out there.

The conscience that steers right or left, up or down, in or out, where and who.

And the pull that you feel when it’s right is the spark

That tells you if you’re close.


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