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Perspective: Greater Than

How do you

make a false rumor greater than a private delusion?

Why do I

believe what you say about me more than what I believe about myself?

Do you even know my name?

Such beauty

in that you believe your assumptions and name them a fact.

In great faith that is as clear as day

as dark as night.

That what you see is what you know and that the things you don’t see,

You still know

and that you tell those you know and don’t all about the ins and outs of me.

Do you remember my name?

Such beauty

in that you speak in such courage and in such dignity as though you are battling something.

But in me?

I love you.

And all your beauty and mischief and confusion and certainty.

Although you speak of what you don’t know.

You have taught me,

That to overcome the private delusions,

It is good to believe in something that is greater than myself.

And if we believe in the same,

Maybe we’ll grow to see at the same level.

And I won’t

look past you,

And you won’t

look through me.

And maybe

you can come to love me.

In the way that what is greater than myself

shows the love to all.


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