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Perspective: Gosh Just Call Her a Witch Then

You were praying for a savior and made sure to dress up nice for the occasion. And walked pass every homeless on your way to the maison for grand offers made by important hands. Shake it firm love, and act like you’re strong enough to withstand the presence of the greats not there to meet you but notice you in their passing. And go ahead, point your finger, yell and say it wasn’t me, it was her! When the grand veil is removed. Gosh call her a witch then. And ignore the fact that you planned to marry a women who brings you great favor and grand treasure brought out from within herself from what you call most divine. And name yourself lesser just moments after she was brave in taking on your name. Heavy the load in clearing your fucking karma and did that shit with a smile most days doing twice the labor and saying oh, you’re just so strong! Eyes roll. How did you get what you have when you move on entitled blindly stepping on the toes of those who get stomped on and get up, good to others anyway? Do you even have the heart to do the same? It’s outdated your method darling, come come take a rest, dream a delusional dream.


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