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Perspective: Give and Take

What is mine now is truly mine yes.

But before, I was granted excess, in healing.

When better, I kept it.

Locked it, and let it sit waiting.

For a while, I over ate honestly.

And the feeling of fullness became second nature almost.

It was not easy to rest without that feeling.

Later, after it had been stolen,

I went on to wonder and search for this treasure.

After while, I learned that what was taken was over due. Not only because I identified as the treasure that was gifted, but because it was meant to transfer and purposefully be granted to the present. To emanate that gift and regenerate it from within.

Living in excess was dangerous and scarce. It was to assume that it was hard to find, hard to make, hard to be.

Living in excess was pitiful and selfish and arrogant. It was to assume that no other person or thing for this. Made for it, holding sight for it, in reins of it.

Living in excess challenged the promise that whoever holds the gift, holds the responsibility.

To maintain nothing more than a full cup and nothing less than, is the challenge and the joy that is every sitting.


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