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Perspective: Don’t Know The Name Until You Make It Your Own

Mother and Father,


Where from?

And for how long?

What does it mean?

Hey, what does my name mean?

It’s origin, and history.

Why is it chosen for me?

Don’t know the name until you make it your own huh?

So I’m here left to find out, make it mean something huh?

That’s cool, I mean cause I never really thought to figure out what yours means anyway.

Why would you for me?

Mother, Father.

Did you know,


Where from,

And how long,

I was born to be?

And where to,

How far,

And high,

I was meant to see

The structure and the order, and it’s purpose.

And the wonders of people, their worlds and their connection,

To each other’s pull and spin,

Around this core that gives us life,

offers us time.

Did you know,

Where I fit in this land, or in the water reflecting up to heaven a space where light shines upon to the soil

And the seed, where this thing called an atom can multiply,

Adding to the all that is within it and surrounding,

To witness and adhere to the rhythm of growth.

Did you know?

Or did you not know the name,

Until we‘d make it our own.


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