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Perspective: Desensitized

I care less and I like it this way.

Time invested before, money, emotions, thoughts, energy, attention.

Spent effort on deciphering what is your truth versus your lies.

If your intentions were good or nefarious. If it's safe with you or not.

Deciding on your level of development and determining your stability. Wanted to know if your character was of good quality.

So much time invested in learning you.

In hopes to be sure if it was alright to be my best self with you.

Sometimes, showing myself meant triggering another,

sometimes green eyes flash.

So much time searching for a safe place, searching for a safe person.

I don't know of a safe person for as long as I've been.

I care less to find you now.

So much time invested and you don't send over the equal amount of attention, energy, thoughts, emotions, money.

I have to care a lot less for you now, I actually like it this way.


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