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Perspective: A Fragile Piece

On court, stepping onto play into and become that which I stand on to reach out and step up and become more of what I am made of. And this view is so much to handle and so much to see and plan and map out. And you over there so far but in line and within reach and we are… together in that we are here, playing a part and being a role and so, with glee and relief we exist here, opposing but agreeing that we are meant to be, and thankfully seen enough to get elected. Pick up our bags, are titles, our armor, out to see what is ours together and ours apart, and who gets there soonest. So quick, each move to a space, made way of so many moving pieces, dancing on each square in its own place made to keep building up and over and across the lines and the layers and the degrees of what is here and there, right or unwritten, seen or made aware. Because what I am, we can only see if we are made aware of what is not the same. And you are you best when the others are different. Fragile in that we are picked up and brought to and from and on or off, and for good or… Fragile in that we can see only what we are made aware of now and later aware of what we choose to see, and that look up above is as though we sail onto or into what is like water, harder to breath, changes in frequency, so many senses, and all at once that you only know when you experience the way to dance, the way to swim, the way to fly. In ones life, fragile in that in time, things are clearer and reach is farther, life is longer and more precious, love is homegrown and granted by wishes and placed in treasure and made to be everywhere but only there when the greatest that planted us allows us the sense to recognize it.


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