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Perspective: What Color Are You On?

Are we on team?

Cause darlin I don't think you like me.

I love you.

And if you here, I'm here.

But, are we on team?

Cause darlin you fast on your feet headed hard on me.

And so your method is off.

Your target is over there!

I'm here.

Remember when we sang songs together?

Made up dances. Played school. Dressed dolls.

Made our plans for our dream lives.

And you were there.

When we made crew. And you were there.

When I married.

And I was there when you carried.

And we went on team.

You helped me pick em!

You cheered me on.

Why you change your mind?

Walk with me this far, and said never mind.

Because everyone else forgot where they were going!

You say I've changed.

Darlin you forgot you!

And get mad at me cause I know my target.

I love who you were and who you may become.

Do you know who you are really?

What team you're on?

What life you want?

Are we on team?


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