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Perspective: ...

I used to think there was a reason for the writing. Like, through the act of channeling, processing, and releasing content, I would have learned something and taught something. And it would be in good timing, and it would be for the perfect person. And it would be aligned. It may be so. But what I’ve learned, is the more that is sought, more seems to be unknown. And to go further in, means greater distance from what was the start. But the start is the introduction, orientation, the briefing. And choosing forth, forgetting, that is just finding the way back to the start, the long way around. What is for sure, is that what I would profess to you, would never match or measure or warn to what you are already planning to experience. That is a teaching, to experience, to know what is true for you in the just timing. The talk, the teaching, the things are noise compared to what you live through, in each breath, it is what you are gifted in calling yours. So let your experience in every beat of your existence be the gift in showing you who you are, who you are from, what you are for, and all the whys.


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