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HMP Featuring: Losing It

Introduction: Following here is a beautiful piece by my old friend with a beautiful heart and artist in growing, Dutchy. This writing is featured here at this blog for 15 days. If you love this writing and you want to send encouraging words to him, please message me or email me and I'll forward it him. Thanks!

I’m losing it,

Never had it,

How can I lose it,

I feel empty.

Why am I empty,

I feel alone,

What made me feel like this,

Trust, love, joy

Aren’t those happy words?

Not if I lost them

Get them back

I can’t hold them.

What if you practice?

Where would I begin,

The hope I have

Keeps breaking off

All I feel I do is sin.

And even though

I don’t praise the Lord!

Feels like now

My life begins,

I thought I had

control of it,

But I’m still lost

It seems.

The meaning of trust,

That we learn in life,

Is that we can almost depend,

Depend on a partner,

A brother,

A mother,

A person that

does not pretend!

The meaning of Love

Is that it’s good, warm, and exciting

My meaning of love; is lies cheats it’s all


I keep on pushing on,

I keep sharing my love,

I keep on staying strong,

But its never enough.

I was boring being,

Too good,

Too friendly,

Too nice,

Never putting up a fight.

Because why should I?

Isn’t love supposed to be

Good, warm, and exciting

Instead no I should be

A dick, ruthless and denying

On what I cannot agree.

So that got me thinking

Is there love in this world

For me?


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