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Perspective: Bringing Myself to Meet My God

God overcomes death. What are you going to do? Is it frightening to look into the eyes of which has met and went through to the other side it’s crosses of path from past to after and saved thyself from the incomprehensible other that is almost all but one and includes thyself as it speaks of the all. To then compromise the existence to perception for gathering the perspectives of every angle and point of view to then know every single detail of every equation and then results. God is also life. What are you going to do? When granted of the wishes made to the water that pulls in by gravity to itself and of itself. To make up more of in condense form. What will you become? Of what maker is that which makes, and to whom it’s creators infuses the creation in practice of creating thine began the art of being oneself to see in reflection and in obscure obsession in piecing together all that is without and pull them into within.


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