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Directive: Rituals for Eating

What differentiates us from the rest of the food chain is how we intake nutrition. We tend to

depend upon a wide variety of elements from the food chain as a whole in order to nourish. This is what has aided our evolution as a species. Breatharianism, intermittent fasting, raw food diets, vegetarianism, vegan diets and others, are all methods used to draw in the requisite energy to continue on our evolutionary path. There is an underlying process in each of them, however, we must master it if we want to achieve the maximum benefit from these forms of dieting.

Once the body is at level 1 through fasting, things are clear, we are somewhat innocent. Rest in this space. This is your most natural state of being. Water, light and air. Identify your mind, your spirit, your connections or soul ties to your source, your loved ones, and your influences. Identify your core energy points (explained in the presentation regarding the core) (sacral, root, solar chakras). Identify the spiritual connection between the functions of your stomach to the functions of your brain.

Once the body has reached Level 1 through fasting, things become clear. We become

somewhat innocent. Rest in this space. This is your most natural state of being. Identify the

ways in which your mind, spirit, and soul are tied to your Source. Identify your core energy

points (i.e. chakras). Identify the spiritual connection between the functions of your stomach to the functions of your brain. This is awareness.

As appealing as it would be to reside in the Level 1 natural state for the duration of our lives, societal duties can prevent that. We work, we consume, we own things, loan things; acquire in essence, debt, in many forms. To pay back, pay down, to level up, we need seem to require a large amount of energy in comparison to any other form of life here (that is an assumption). This is where ‘nutritional intake’ is considered.

The various densities of light of which we ignite from. The gas in which our physical and etheric bodies drive. Of the bodies’ machine and the spiritual processes, it all runs on energy. The bodies physical state is a manifestation of your spiritual context.

Forgo the debate on which foods, drugs, or anything we consume are ‘good’ or ‘bad’, and

instead know that all consumption is a way of attaining energy. This absorption of energy is

quite different today compared to antiquity. In prior civilizations our skin and hair could

withstand and thrive on the exposure of sunlight in a similar fashion as many plants do. In that time and place, people spent most days primarily outside, as opposed to in buildings, and walked (instead of drove) giving them exposure to the electromagnetic force from the actual ground, no barrier of sidewalks, streets, carpets, shoes and so on. Instead of strategically protecting themselves from every ‘intrusion’ of bacteria, they’re bodies learned to stomach it. These are just a few examples of how modern culture differs from the knowledge of the past. Since most of us do not have the means or interest of relocating to another civilization, the preferred option for spiritual growth is to strategically employ a method of nutritional intake that will best suit our standard of living.

In times when I wanted to maintain a strict raw vegan diet, I felt myself spiritually stronger than any other time in my adult life. However, I felt myself slipping out of physical consciousness. Playing off mild incidents of faintness and craving sunlight to compensate for the required high level of energy for a busy lifestyle. On the other hand, when indulging in a traditional American diet, including many forms of animal products, I felt physically and mentally strong, yet doing more active work in maintaining an energetically ‘good’ type of quality within my auric field. With the modern diet, I found myself less in control emotionally, a bit desensitized. It has been years of weighing the contrasts of dieting and remembering the state in which I prefer, for my spiritual growth and state of living. Balancing the two means was part of my process of discovery.

The truth is that everything we eat is life force. The consumption of its forms, be they mineral, plant, or flesh, is directly comprised of things we collectively choose to believe that we need. The forms of matter – air, light, water and their manifestations – are all means by which consciousness feeds itself. Eating, itself is a shortcut to receiving those three things to generate more life force and light within us.

In essence, since whatever we consume was once a form of life, eating is a form of sacrifice.

Consideration of this fact is essential to our growth. Eating is a means to gain energy, so during pre-meal prayer, set an intention, set an agreement. Announce (within) that here, eating this now will assist me in doing (specific task, or mission) right after with great efficacy. Now, there is a true purpose and clearly identified agreement that could now become justification (lightly termed) for this act.

To do otherwise is to invite disorder. Eating disorders and obesity are rampant today. What

you consume impacts all areas of your life. On a spiritual perspective, I honestly think eating light is better, such as following a raw vegan diet. However, as I mentioned before, it did affect physical strength and energy levels drastically. Done with intention and temperance, it is a great tool in reaching higher levels of consciousness as well as a great reminder of what it means to be authentic. It tends to impact your very lifestyle in myriad of ways. In the cooler regions and colder seasons, for example, I’ve noticed that I’d crave denser form of food. I would translate that to meats or starchy foods. I am not trying to suggest what foods to eat, but solely, the mentality inherent when eating, with awareness. Anyway, during such times, I noticed that reserved energy had a way of transforming into either excess weight or physically and emotional discomfort.

I am suggesting a seasonal diet, something similar to a keto diet in the colder seasons, and a vegan diet in the warmer seasons (both raw, both disciplined). This gives exposure to different sources of energy and strengthens the skill of consuming only what is needed for your individual demands. It then gives a better baseline in deciding what form(s) of energy that you hope to subscribe to most throughout your lifetime. My hope is that we attain a way of living that is of consuming energy in its most natural state.


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