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Perspective: Your Chance to Work With a New Star

Oh shit, I remember you aunt May. Two sisters, are young at heart but untrained hags on honest hogshit. Cinderella finds her way sure thing. Harry Potter never guessed he was from a different clothe. Damn fairytales really do come true. Telling my future and my past in a way to find myself in the true character. Dang this is sad... prince charming was tricked the fuck out of his seat and had to trail his hinted foot prints towards the way back home. To find his future to ensure his throne is safe and held upon by the will of the hidden one born to be revealed as the everborn Queen. He needs his mother, to approve of course. And got tripped up on those head nods and hand shakes loud claps of expected excellence with brand names and flashed walls reflected on the pail faces, bleak ends. Bleached ends, left after the ball scrubbing those fucking floors thankful to be present and knowing I'm supposed to be there. Damn aunt mom and step sisters in coven to right a wrong version of the only true storyline. You can't really ever get around what's coming to you. Her man always finds a way to his one true, love is the force in the wind that pulls his collar in towards, and gravity full of the life that pulls his heart down to the shit she was pushed into. Come come, count your wands and zeros and uno baby you know the ways of the one with those shiny ass shoes, click them three fucking times, and find your way to your real home, where light is the matter and dark is the memory and twinkle in the mist of mystery, if you wish upon a star, promise you'll meet your self from afar, and close in on the you that is equal to and opposite and there you are shining bright for the world to see. For those conspirerors to read, for those tattles to tell your true love story. Not enough pages for you to hide anymore darling, your father left something for you.


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