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Perspective: Vote for Me

It’s a campaign, it’s a campaign!

Hey, approaching here as charming and inviting as a dream. I’m a campaign now, ok? So here’s how this goes, believe in me. By my extension, I carry on and carry out what is written and willed out, so vote for me ok, vote for me, I’m right here in your face! On my feet, hands free. Vote for me. Because I pleaded for a life forth living and a name to be remembered and a passion to pursue. And you, are sometimes waking. But you can see the dust and shine, of a morning star rising into who she is made to become. Vote for me. Ok? I’ll wave to you when we pass, we’ll shake hands, I’ll save for you what was left, I’ll pay for you. I’ll remember you.

You believed in me. And when it’s time for thanksgiving I’ll smile upon you. And shine into you for your time of waking. So that what steps were made, moves were played, you’ll be on time to start up what was already running. And by extension of what was for me is for you and so on, and we all play our part in the all.


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