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Perspective: They Won't Leave In The Night, Have No Fear

Marylin is married to many. Stones were petrified.

The lady was stoned. They hunted and buried. Sold into museums.

The witches heir mine for their inheritance. And he'll say bring me back to life. This crystalized form condensed into a piece of star, I need to live again.

On the fourth where the stars shine in the making of the rocks in friction. And memorialized the war of the one from both parties. Piece of sun, ray of shine, star that is mine, rock it like divine.

Marilyn wants to shine with the legion of those who live in diamonds and mining for these is the work of those hoping to find mother again.

She was petrified. She was stoned. She was hunted and buried. And we'll relish in the sacrifice to make some feel sold. When in the end, your maker has you reborn, from the matter fallen into the garden. And nourished to the rise of a rose. And so, a star is a one made new in the burning up of everything that is and isn't.

Welcome in to make me shine on, I know you need to live again. And this is sacrifice. And this is surrender. And this is reborn in the bury into the home of where my body is derived from. And diamonds are the best friends of the ones who go dark to bring forth the light. And diamonds are forever.


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