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Perspective: The Voice of a Woman With Dark Brown Skin

Years from now when the nation is beige, and color is gray.

When the sound is singular and language, taught the same.

When the reading is instant and the download is the mode.

When it’s not overt, to know if it’s he, she or them,


Your voice carries the ones who birthed you and named you

And we are them, we’re both

Black and white

Together and the same.

And that is the new and consistent trend.

Hear, the popular music that mimics the wave of it’s muse

All it works for is to help recognize what supports you.

In you, lives through

The ones before you.

And they were sorted and groomed and rigid in their

Place and time and identity in their boxes of Black, check, female,


brown eyes, check.

And White, check, male,


blue eyes, check.

And it was certain.

Who they were, and where they fit in a place.

And you, you all, the one carrying both sides of the previous story.

The nation of beige picking and choosing what line of the script to scrap.

What key on the note gets strung.

You seeing it all and feeling it little, and living for the ones who have already

Had their chance to live.

But the hands look like your fathers,

and your tone is the strength of your mothers

and you sense the pulling and prying and echoes of that textbook showing you the contrast,

the pain in those award winning movies implying that you have to

fight for something,

fight for someone.

See how lost the road gets on that path finding your way?

The story of a nation leaving its imprint on the new welcomed in and young members.

But you are beige, and those like you, are new.

And you make a new story,

One where your differences bring you together, and your similarities make you interesting.

And the trend of being unsure and in between and ok in that space of gray,

Can make things plane in a way that makes it more clear.

To see the light coming.

And the light of every nation and generation brought in together within you.


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