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Perspective: The Two Face

The two face. The one who calls me, to not talk. The one who texts me, but doesn’t call. The one who meets me there, but won’t visit. The one who smiles to my face, then rolls your eyes when I look down. Yes I see that.

The one who holds me to never let me go. But it’s just such a weak hug. Why do you pull me close then disappear when I want you most? [yea it kind of had to rhyme there]

The two face. The one who has love for me, but doesn’t love me? What is that.

The one who calls me wife. The one who calls me sis. What is that?

Oh you want me to meet you today? What for now? You want the attention, the validation, the work.

Why do I have to be the one to remind you that nothing comes for free? You pay me now or you pay me later. If it’s not now, I guess... well, I guess I don’t want you love.


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